To the EastSide

by admin

Dear fellow Siquijor lurker,

I give up.

Office work is really suffocating. The long hours that drag on and on like as if a whole work day never ends. You glance at the clock and see it’s only been an hour since your lunch break. So you soak yourself up with work and glance again.

Gosh. Only ten minutes have passed!

You hear your officemate whining about how here kid is not eating vegetables and prefers to throw her bowl of “sabaw sa kamunggay” off the table instead. You let out a sigh and wish time would move fast so it would be summer – Sun. Vacation. Beach.

Come on, eight hours of hard work for full 5 days straight. Stressful meetings, deadlines and office mates. It would drive you crazy too!

This Will Never End Unless You Do Something

And then you decide to just spend some time off. You know you deserved it. Somehow you just want to revive your senses with something different… something like traveling and swimming in cool waters!

You start imagining taking pictures of yourself in a bikini. Or not. And you start to imagine the sinugbang isda that you will be eating at the cottage you rented near the beach. Bestest ever.

You Want to Go the Beach

That’s right! You want to go to the beach. But not just any beach. You want it to be peaceful and quiet. Something like the beaches of Siquijor Island – perfect. At Isla del Fuego.

There couldn’t be any other island you would want to be. Especially that you are just here in Visayas. You could just get a ticket and take that fast craft to the wonderful island that you would prefer to be in.

But Where to Stay in Siquijor??

But somehow all the other places to stay in are either too commercialized or too expensive. If you have lived in Siquijor for a part of your life, you would know what I mean! And oh, it is so nostalgic to just live in airy hut and savor the fresh wind blowing on your little hut. Such is the homey elegance you will find if you choose to stay at Eastside Cottages.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Eastside

There are three reasons why I am quite confident that you will LOVE your stay at Eastside.

The reasons are:

  1. Homey and Breezy Feel of the Location
  2. Good Old Fashioned Customer Service
  3. Siquijorian Hospitality Like Never Before

First, the breezy feel of wind on the location will make you feel nostalgia. It will be like childhood all over again.

The second reason is that, the customer service that you will receive will be a good, old fashioned one.

Third is that you will feel the hospitality of Siquijorians unlike any other people in the Philippine Islands.

I’ll stop right here and let you in on a secret — This will be your best vacation ever!

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Your fellow lurker,
Fleire C.

After 10 years, I am once again visiting Siquijor and all it’s grandeur.
Here’s to hoping I won’t get all teary-eyed and nostalgic once I get
there. :) Cheers to us lurkers.

And of course, I will stay at Eastside Cottages.