The Old Enchanted Balete Tree in Siquijor

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If you leave Siquijor without visiting this majestic and popular landmark, you will be left wondering how it feels like to be left in awe gazing up a huge natural attraction. What’s the use of visiting ‘just a tree’? You should probably just include this in your itinerary since a blogger at RANCHO D’EL TORRERO mentions “you can’t help but feel humbled beside it”.

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Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor


You can find this landmark at 10 meters from Siquijor’s National Highway or also known as the island’s circumferential road. This is also found within just a few minutes away from Capilay Spring.

To get there you can hire a tricycle driver or a multicab to bring you to the place.

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At this point in Lazi you can see a panoramic view of the Island’s western side.

Image by: Faith Melendres


This balete tree is centuries old or believed to be 400 years old. It is the ultimate setting for a horror movie. It is locally known as the oldest and biggest tree in the province of Siquijor – a popular landmark that you shouldn’t miss.

A handful of legends and myths have been attached to the history of tree. Which is quite natural since it is, as mentioned, centuries old. It is also known as a dwelling place for supernatural beings.

Water flows underneath the tree which flows straight to a man-made pool or stream. The locals couldn’t tell where the water comes from thus the engulfing strange stories of place.

Image by: Faith Melendres

It was the place where people could take a dip and be healed. It was also developed for the locals to use as their laundry area. Some would even take a bath and swim in it. Though right now, it is considered unsafe. Instead, one can see fishes swimming in the place.

The scary and eerie outline of the tree makes anyone believe that the tree is enchanted. The roots are massive and unidentical. Such eeriness could be attributed to the outline created by the hanging roots and vines of the tree.

This locally known balete tree or dalaki is a type of ficus (or fig tree) and is a relative of the strangler fig tree and called such due to the fact that it grows around a host tree and strangles it. One traveler from TripAdvisor observed that it is “equivalent to Australia’s similarly wide girthed Moreton Bay fig”.

Image by: Faith Melendres

The Green Cloud blog quotes the definition of the balite or dalakit is:

“A name given to various species of Ficus which start as epiphytes and strangle their host, assuming tree form. They are much feared as being haunts of various supernatural beings.” ~Source: Wolff, John U. A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Library, 1972.

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