San Juan de Capilay Lake

Header Image by: Enrico Dee of Byahilo

What can be more majestic than a lake situated in the heart of the city. Yes, if you think that bodies of water can only be found beside mountains or can be reached in faraway towns, then San Juan de Capilay Lake will somehow change your mindset. It’s uncommon for lakes to be surrounded by the bustles of the city. But believe it or not, when you set foot in it, it’s a good as leaving town for a long vacation.


San Juan, Siquijor


Flights to Dumaguete from Manila are on a daily basis and ferry rides from Dumaguete to Siquijor are always around. Travel time for the former takes 1 hour and the latter, 45 minutes. Once you have arrived in Siquijor, you can take a jeepney or multicab to the town of San Juan.



Siquijor, among many other cities in the country, holds excellent tourist spots and noted for its one of a kind swimming pools fed by springs. The catch is, San Juan Capilay Lake flows through these springs. It’s located just right in the center of the town plaza, thus both travellers and people from everywhere in town inevitably enjoy the beauty and coolness of this place. But it’s everybody’s favourite haven during weekends.

Image by: Lou Malolot

The flowing body of water fins its way on one side of the municipal hall, the other streams in the public market and the town gym. Tourists and local also tell of the water being classified into three sections. The upper portion is where the natural spring sits (no pools constructed over it); the second section is where the swimming pool flows; and the last one is the laundry pool which just runs by the road.  San Juan used to be a tribal village named Capilay until the mid 19th century—thus the name.

The lake is a picturesque aqua-coloured body of cold water surrounded by greenery that cools you off during a warm weather. Lush acacia trees embellish the vast water tables. It’s like a blend of the woods and the sea. The setting is just as romantic as the island is mystical. The pools that have been constructed enhanced the lovely lake. And the more it lures every visitor to spend the day there.

Image by: Enrico Dee of Byahilo


Since the attraction is just right in the center of the San Juan town plaza, it is indeed open to the public and thus free of any entrance fee. At anytime, you can take the plunge and enjoy swimming. If you’re up to tone and flex your muscles with a long swim or simply want to relax under shady trees, this is the place to be. There are cottages and picnic tables around so you enjoy great food. Kiosks can also be found in the area to suit your convenience. Such scene is ideal to people who are inclined to sketching and painting.

So to the artists, don’t forget to bring with your sketch pads, canvass, pencils and brushes. To everybody, be sure to bring your cameras. San Juan de Capilay Lake is certainly the best way to enjoy a hot lazy afternoon.

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Enrico Dee of Byahilo

Lou Malolot


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