Lazi Church and Convent

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Philippines is known to be rich in church traditions and is evident in the numerous churches we have, almost anywhere in the country. And in every church sits a convent beside it. Let’s jump into a moment of peacefulness by taking a short trip to the Lazi Convent in Siquijor Island, acclaimed to be Asia’s largest and oldest convent.


Lazi, Siquijor


Most visitors take the Manila-Dumaguete-Siquijor route via plane and ferry, respectively. From the port of Siquijor, you need a tricycle to take you to the Lazi Convent. Another option would be to take a jeepney. Some tourists observed though that the way to the convent is taking longer than usual not because of rocky roads but because the drivers take their time which in turn is not a worry in this not so fast-paced however splendid town.


The Lazi Church and the Lazi Convent are situated right next to each other. The church still holds mass until these days and if you’re lucky, priests can take you for a tour at the convent. Thus, it is indeed open to every local and every visitor who wishes to experience inner peace amidst the busy travel. The only cost you would spend for is Php20 if you would like to hop inside the museum inside the convent.

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Apart from the giant trees of acacia that surrounds the place, the breathtaking baroque architecture of the church and the convent will definitely give you a high regard of your history. To provide a more vivid picture, Lazi Convent stand high, shaped in “U”, encompassing an area of 50 x 50 meters. Complementing its remarkable architecture are the stones that compose the lower part of the structure and the hard wooden panels that make up the upper portion. Thus, sometimes, it is often called “bahay na bato”. The pink shade of the façade has become faint and made it more classic. This place was built by the Augustinian Friars way back in 1887. It served as their dwelling as well as a place for leisure.

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Spending several moments of your time inside the church and the convent allows you to experience tranquillity like no other. Travellers say that the moment you get inside the church and the Lazi Convent, you are welcomed by an undisturbed atmosphere that makes you want to get in touch with your inner soul. Moreover, as you step inside the museum located on the second floor of this convent, you see a number of very old religious objects such as an antique typewriter, saints carved out of wood, and a diary of one of the friars can be seen inside. And in an instant, you seem to find yourself back in the 19th century. But savour the moment while you can because photography within here is not permitted.

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The convent is maintained by a woman caretaker, who many would say gladly offer you native delicacies that you shouldn’t refuse to it as it does fill in your stomach. To date, the lower ground of convent has been utilized as a school building.

Siquijor in general had several folklores but none in specific has been told of the Lazi convent. However, if there’s one word to tell of this landmark, it would be “legacy”.

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  1. The church has a lot of history. It does not need any description, but just by the architecture itself. I think at that time the Spanish peple had only template when they built theses churches. I have been to several places ther e in PI and these churches look alike. Nevertheless, they are all pretty.

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