Stalk Siquijor on Facebook? Why Stop There!

Fellow Siquijor Lurkers, we are getting close to 1500 likers on our Facebook page.

But why stop with just stream of messages and admiration for beautiful island of Siquijor?┬áIt’s about time we document and blog about the wonderful place that people overlook (or frown upon?).

Who is This Blog For?

  • Foreigners visiting Siquijor for the first time
  • Locals looking for places to visit Siquijor
  • First time visitors of Siquijor
  • Repeat visitors of Siquijor
  • People afraid of visiting Siquijor

Why Make This Blog?

Why all the hassle of making this blog? The wall might prove not enough for our efforts to spread good words about Siquijor. They seem to just get lost in the streams of updates. Here are a few reasons for making this:

1. Documentation

Most of us who post to the wall have questions that are overlooked and unanswered. With the constant stream of updates, a poster’s comment on the wall, albums or photos prove to give lots of information that need to be documented in one place.

2. Attribution

We have contacted most of the photo owners of the photos and we strive hard to provide proper attribution – photo owner’s name, site name, linkback to the site. Some travel bloggers prefer a link love back to their respective sites hence this blog would prove a better way than just putting up a link on the Facebook album.

If you are one of the media owners and want to be properly attributed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Reviews

You will notice that our articles and the comments are rate-able. Yep you can rate articles and comments on this site. We will get it up soon for the comments section but basically the goal is for the commenters to type in their general experience with a Siquijor location whether a natural attraction, a resort, or on stories that we share to each other.

4. Stories

The best thing about our Facebook wall is that people share their own stories of the mystical Island of Siquijor. Sometimes due to admiration, and experiences on getting there. Others due to fear(??). Still, these stories are meant to be shared to other Siquijor fans who are looking for connections that share the same experiences.

I Get it, What’s Next?

We’ll be posting one article for each of the Siquijor Tourist Spots that we have on a list (a short one but growing!). You can then rate and add your review as a comment.

But while we are still on it, please don’t hesitate to rate this article, subscribe via email or leave your thoughts on the form below.