Bandilaan Butterfly Farm

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Have you ever heard of the legend that tells of butterflies paving the way for your wishes to come true? Yes, folks believe that you tell your wish to a butterfly once you’ve captured it and then let it go; the butterfly will fly to the heavens and the higher being shall grant it for you. Well, in that case, you might want to try wishing at the Bandilaan Butterfly Farm found within the Mt. Bandilaan National Park in Siquijor. Create your wishlist now!

Mt. Bandilaan, Lazi, Siquijor

The most convenient way to travel to Siquijor is from Manila to Dumaguete via plane and then from Dumaguete to Siquijor itself via ferry. Arriving at Siquijor, take a jeepney or motorbike going to the town of Lazi. You can ask the guide to take you to the Mt. Bandilaan National Park.

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The entire Butterfly Farm spans a total of 1,460 square meters (equivalent to 5 hectares) land area. It composes of a botanical garden as huge as entire space. It houses 102 species (as per record) of butterflies and moths that feed from the garden itself. This attraction is believed to hold the record of having a butterfy with the largest wingspan in Asia.

One is sure to enjoy this tourist spot not only because of its physical magnificence but also with the courtesy and knowledgeable staff of the Farm who take you through the sanctuary tour. They have been trained by Professor Jumalon. He founded the ‘Julian Jumalon Foundation’ that took care of such sanctuary way back when it started in 1970’s.

Once you get inside the Butterfly farm, you will surely be amazed at the thousands of butterfly species glimmering in different shades of colours, filling the entire area with the brightness and vigour. These butterflies are not only found in the local or native land; there are those that known internationally. Such species include but are not limited to the following:

• Moths of Two Continents
• Attatus Atlas (known to be the most huge moths the world has)
• Kalima (sometimes called the dead leaf butterfly)
• Snow Butterflies (from the Swiss Alps)
• Birdwing Butterflies
• Philatelic Butterflies (usually seen on stamps)
• Philippines Moths

As you move along from one specie to another, the staff may tell you some interesting facts about them. They have been carefully educated to provide the best service as well as knowledge to the tourists.

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The Butterfly Farm also features an enclosure where the larvae dwell until they reach metamorphosis.
The butterflies have surely thrived in such clean and ecologically-balanced area that has been for the years of its existence. Just imagine an array of butterflies painting the greenery of the farm. Such amazing wonder!

In fact, it’s wonder has already spread outside Siquijor Island. It has already been featured in national news. It has also been visited my many students via numerous educational field trips. It has further attracted many tourists on top on the whole public that flock the place.

So are you ready to fulfil your wishes? Don’t worry, if you aren’t allowed to catch the butterflies in your hands, just go near them and whisper your wish. Now, that’s far more of a catch than throwing coins in wishing wells.

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